Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Baby Shower Word Scramble Game

Yesterday my boss let me peek at the word scramble she put together for today's baby shower that I won't be able to attend because I'll be getting photo-tortured. * We have two ladies in our department who are going to be dropping their bundles of joy before the new year. *

I finished her list in thirty seconds, so she asked me to suggest some more, more difficult words. So I did. And she didn't put all of mine into the game because mine were too difficult. I was kind of depressed, but I understood. We have very intelligent coworkers, but most of them are not quite so good with the words. :)

astber mppu
dogtiognh onmo

I like word puzzles, especially tough ones, so I tried to make them difficult by choosing words with common letters in them. A word like "milk" will be hard to scramble and not immediately look like it's just misspelled. Apparently, though, this is supposed to be a quick, light-hearted game, and mine took some thought and careful consideration.

Geez. It's not like the ladies at the shower will be drunk or anything. We're not allowed to spike the punch when we're at work.