Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Lethargic Ben, but a new day dawns

Chester and I decided that we will never again keep Ben up past his bedtime just for the sake of a holiday. Last night, as Ben was still recovering from Christmas Eve's late hours, we had a little freakout over the health of our baby.

Ben was listless, whiny, perpetually cold, and lethargic. He didn't have dinner; he just sat and cuddled or slept with us and then in his crib. He wasn't running a temperature, but his skin was always cold to the touch. And he smelled strongly of maple syrup. We had to wake him up to take a couple of bottles. Poor widdle guy.

By the way... Ben doesn't have Maple Syrup Urine Disease, although it crossed our mind. Sometimes I smell like maple syrup when I sweat, but the most likely culprit was being around a Finnish pancake breakfast yesterday morning. He probably got some in his hair.

Today, since there's no daycare, my mother (Nana) came down to babysit. I'm glad because it gives Ben some more transition time. And tomorrow, since I don't work, he'll be home with me again.

When we went home for lunch, Ben was so excited to see us. So happy. And he's walking even more! He actually walked from the ottoman to the couch (about five feet) without falling. It was very thrilling. I cried a little. My little boy is growing up so fast.

We've run out of boxes already, so I'm slowly gathering more from around the building all day. It's amazing how many little niches of stuff I can find in our apartment that can be packed. I'm running out, though. Most of the rest is essentials that we'll still need to use. Chester was startled yesterday morning. He went into Ben's closet for something, and he was shocked that it was empty already. I've been a busy lady. What can I say.

We should find out if our offer was accepted today or tomorrow. Pins and needles and all that.