Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Adultery, Split Personality Ben, Moving Woes

For starters, I'd like to say that adultery should be illegal, especially when children are involved. It's a horrible, ridiculously selfish way to end a marriage. Luckily, Chester agrees with me. There's a scandal here at work where a co-worker of mine was caught with another co-worker. She had called in sick, and he had the day off. An uppity, nosy friend of the guy barged in and snapped pictures to present to his wife. She, of course, already knew, but the pictures provide ammo in any future proceedings.

Anyway. The moral of this story is: Cheating is disgusting. I hate having to work with these people. If they feel like they belong together and that his marriage was a mistake, for goodness sakes, end the marriage first. They both ruined their reputations. And for what? Well, a polite lady like me won't elaborate.

On to more pleasant matters... my son. Yesterday, the urgent care doctor diagnosed him with a double ear infection. Ben and Daddy stayed home together and cuddled a lot. By the evening, Ben was feeling better, but not 100%. Right before bedtime, his fever started spiking again and continued to do so throughout the night. Poor widdle man. So miserable.

He woke up shortly after midnight after peeing through his diaper and sheets and blankets. I changed him and his crib, and he went back to sleep relatively quickly. He woke again at 4:30, just because he was feeling poorly. I hugged him and cuddled him for a little bit, but nothing was making him happy. I put him back down and let him whimper himself back to sleep.

This morning, he was kind of okay for a while, then started the crying thing again. We didn't have time to sit with him and cuddle him, so he just cried and whined. Yes, we felt awful about it. He seemed to prefer to be in his pack-n-play again, on his back, with a pacifier and a blankie. He still cried though.

But, we brought him to daycare. He toddled around and visited his favorite ladies. We left, and I was almost crying because I was so worried about him. I kept thinking he would be miserable there today. That all he'd do is sit there and whimper and cry with no Mamma or Daddy to rock him and give him tylenol.

Since I didn't get a call from daycare this morning telling me that he was unhappy, I called them after lunch. How is he? "He's great. Had a lot of fun playing this morning, and he just woke up from a nap."

What the hell? Is this my son she's talking about?

We got hit with the Split Personality Child Syndrome. Ben behaves one way with us, but a totally different way with other people. I guess I don't really blame him. Moving has been a horrible ordeal for him. Very disorienting. Add suffering with a double ear infection, and you get an unhappy, needy boy.

Hopefully, we'll get our house in order within a couple of weeks, and then Ben can start to feel more confident and secure in his new surroundings.

Hell, hopefully I'll start to feel more confident and secure in MY new surroundings. I do have to say, though, that I really enjoyed using my new high-efficiency, front-loading washing machine last night. I did three loads before bedtime. Why? It was so much fun. The ten-year-old (at least) dryer wasn't nearly as delightful, but the clothes got dry in a reasonable time, even if it was so loud we could hear it from the second floor.

You know at the end of the moving process? When all the major stuff is moved and then you go through the place and throw all the little miscellaneous crap into a basket? Yeah. We have about three of those baskets in what will be our dining room. This is all stuff I didn't have homes for in our old apartment, and I can't even begin to think of where they should go here. I'm very tempted to just bring them all downstairs to the basement, and then we'll bring up the stuff as we realize we need it.