Thursday, January 18, 2007

Moving. Really. No. REALLY.

Last night as I slept (or didn't sleep), my mind kept running through a huge assortment of tasks that I need to perform TODAY. What is significant about today? Ummm. It's the day before we get the keys to our new house. It's also the first day that I can officially pack up the essentials.

That's it folks. Everything's getting packed up tonight. We're leaving out a few changes of clothes per family member, and a couple extra rolls of toilet paper, but otherwise, everything's going in a box (or a suitcase, or a laundry basket).

Left to Pack, by Cheryl.
Seven half-eaten boxes of cereal.
Spices and Baking Supplies.
Dried Pasta.
Instant Oatmeal.
The Blender.
The Can Opener.
The Toaster.
The Rest of Our Dishes.
Cookware. (Like I'm actually going to be cooking in the next few days).
Thus concludes the kitchen.

Ben's room, the one we tried to leave as much as possible so he would have some stability.
Sheets and Blankets off of his spare bed.
Extra changing table accoutrements, like our supply of diapers, Diaper Genie refills, baby wipes, etc.
Curtains and Curtain Rods.
His Clothes.
His Extra Blankies.

The Hall Closet.
Sheets, Pillowcases.
Socks, Underwear.
Maxi Pads.

Um yeah. That's about it. Everything else, like the rest of Ben's toys, will be hauled over to the new house in laundry baskets. It's just not worth packing.

Adira Update, or, The Tale Of The Peeing Cat:
The director of our local humane society suggested that I'd feel a lot better about my decision if I went ahead and spent the money on a UTI test for my cat. I'll also explore the idea of kitty prozac. And really, last night, as I was trying to get to sleep but couldn't because she was lying on my belly and I wanted to turn over, I was petting her and trying to imagine life without her. I couldn't. I hated the idea of her dear body being lifeless. But oh well. If it ends up needing to happen, I'll put the health of my children over the life of my cat.