Friday, January 12, 2007

Things I'm looking forward to about our new house

Update: I'm still sick, not as fiercely, but still not fully functional. And no baby. I got my period four days early yesterday. Dammit. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Things I'm looking forward to about our new house (we close a week from today):

1. Twice-as-big kitchen with space for a seating area.
2. A laundry chute in the bathroom.
3. Hardwood floors. I hate how dirty carpeting gets when you have two cats and a kid.
4. I get to decorate a whole new environment.
5. No more upstairs neighbors with barking, yippy dogs.
6. More storage space than I'll know what to do with. There's a full basement and a storage attic.
7. A brand-new high efficiency, front-loading washing machine.
8. Giving Ben a bath. (The first bath will be special).
9. Not having to keep the bathroom off limits to Ben. The kitty litter box won't be in the bathroom in the new house.
10. A clothesline and a big back yard that's not full of dog crap.
11. Building equity instead of paying rent.