Monday, March 12, 2007

Hair Changes... and Nana's Coming to Town!

Got my hair chopped off last night. Feels better. Looks something like the following:

If I could find my digital camera battery recharger, I'd consider posting an actual picture of myself, it's that cute. But I can't. So pffbbbttt. :P

Although Chester was crazy busy at work all weekend because of the stupid time change, Ben and I had a wonderful time. He's such a goofball. I love him.

Instance of goofball-ness was actually from this morning:
I was making myself breakfast in the kitchen, and hubby was getting dressed. Ben, in the meantime, had taken a couple of paint-stirrer-sticks and was seeing what mischief he could get in. Enter the coffee. Chester had put his coffee/thermos/tall cup thing of coffee at the back of the end table against the wall where Ben can't reach it. Ben couldn't reach it with his own hands, but he discovered that if he used the sticks like tongs and pulled the coffee towards him, he could get at it. And of course it spilled everywhere. We didn't notice until Ben came to see me in the kitchen and I noticed his clothes were soaked.

So five minutes before we left for work, Ben needed a change of clothes and Chester had to take a towel to the spill in the living room. In reality, Ben needed a bath because he was sticky, but I figured they could wipe him down with a baby wipe at daycare. And they did.

Really, it's a cute story. Ben, at 14-months-old, figuring out how to use tools to get into mischief.

I'm excited I'm still pregnant. Even bought a couple maternity shirts at Kohls.

My mom is coming into town tomorrow for an overnight. She'll be picking up Ben from daycare in the morning and will stay with him at our house all day. She hasn't really gotten a chance to spend a chunk of time with him since he became so mobile. After work, she's treating us to our anniversary dinner (our 2-year is on Thursday). What a sweeatheart.

Tonight, we'll be cleaning like mad. Anything that we don't clean, she will, and I'd rather she just enjoyed herself with Ben instead of being The World's Biggest Blessing and mopping our floors or something. We're also hauling down our twin-size bed to put in the dining room. She has her own bed at our house, but it's upstairs. And since she's having full knee replacement surgery in April, she's not allowed to walk up and down stairs.