Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Eight Random Facts, A Meme

Eight random facts about me? Thanks, Mary Tsao at, for tagging me. Really. Thanks a lot. :)

1. I don't really like chocolate all that much. I know it makes me different from a lot of women, but I really only get chocolate cravings a few times a year.
2. I forget to prompt Ben to brush his teeth every night. It's a problem, but I'm just glad he hasn't suffered from horrible bad breath yet. We are in the process of putting up reminder signs around the house. This means that we've talked about putting up signs, but we haven't gotten around to it yet.
3. Lilacs are my favorite part of living in Wausau, WI. They're all over the city, and I love this time of year when they bloom. I find the smell to be heavenly, and I think the precious little petals are adorable.
4. I have hairy toes, and I don't like shaving them.
5. I once broke up with a guy because his penis was too small. The reason that I told him? He was too shallow. The irony is obvious.
6. My most debilitating phobia is getting the mail. This is especially true when our bank account is, shall we say, lacking. I have gone for almost two weeks, letting it pile up in there. But that's not fair to the mail carrier who has to figure out creative ways of stuffing more in there. So I try to tell myself that I can just remove the mail without looking at it, place it on a table somewhere and ignore it until I feel strong enough to go through it. It's kind of silly now that the majority of our bills are up-to-date. We only have two outstanding accounts, and they are more likely to call me than send me another notice. It comes from years of living under a huge pile of huge debt with very little income. I feel guilty receiving bills for services rendered/products provided and knowing that I can't pay them immediately in full. I've tried to pass the chore off to my husband, but he frequently forgets, and I have to remind him, which is something I avoid doing because it's almost as bad as having to get it myself.
7. I totaled a car when I was 16 because I blacked out. I was under a lot of stress psychologically, and my medication hadn't quite kicked in yet. I simply drove off the road, going about 25 mph, and ran right into a tree. My parents were out of town, and I was using my mother's car. My new kitten, Adira, was in the car with me. She was quite the hit at the ER. While I was waiting for emergency vehicles, I paced back and forth on the road on two dislocated knees. For the record, that's a bad idea. I received a ticket for inattentive driving, but I never told my psychiatrist or my doctor what really happened. I lied and said I was attending to my kitten, who wasn't in her car carrier at the time.
8. I hate nail polish. Passionately.

Eight people to tag? This is impossible for me since I know a lot of the people on Mary's 8. Too much overlap. So I'll double tag some people. And my linky thing doesn't work for some crazy-ass reason, so I've included the address after the name.

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