Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Many Joys of Ben

My boss is lucky I've been so busy this morning. No time to write my letter of resignation. I think I've mentally shouted, "I quit," at least a dozen times (I've said it out loud to at least three people who don't matter).

Co-worker: Cheryl, can you help me...
Cheryl: Sorry. That's it. I quit.
Co-worker: OK. So I need such and such...

No. I'm not actually going to resign yet. I just had a bad morning. And I miss my boss. She was gone yesterday and won't be back until this afternoon, so I'm doing my job, her job, and the job of the open position that's in our group. I'm not fond of the situation, but the morning is almost over. I'm obviously taking a break right now to blog. They can all bite me.

I've had a couple of frustrating days with Ben, so I decided this morning I would write a post today about all of the things that he's doing now that I love. So here it goes.

I love our early morning cuddles when I drag myself up the stairs to keep him company until Daddy comes up to carry him down. We nestle together in a club chair and listen to music. When Daddy comes up, we'll all play for a little bit. This morning it was catch, though most of it was "Monkey in the Middle." Ben didn't mind. He thought it was absolutely nifty that Mommy and Daddy both love the same game that he loves.

Last night we had our first family sit-down dinner together. We had finally broken down and bought him a booster seat for the dining room table. So last night, though we were late getting home because we went grocery shopping first, and it was just Fazolis and not a home-cooked meal, we sat together and ate. And wow... did we notice a change in Ben! It was kind of funny. He had been fussy and whiny, but he instantly mellowed out and really enjoyed the meal. He kept looking back and forth between hubby and me, watching our faces, listening to us talk. I loved the contented expression on his face.

Ever since I was little, I've had a penchant for putting things on my head. Sure, sometimes it's hats and veils... but usually it's random items like pillows, pans, buckets and bowls. I find that it makes me feel more centered to balance something on my head. So I've been a goofball with Ben and will suggest that some toys and items are actually hats. "Ben, is the bucket a hat?" Ben, look at Mommy's hat (sock)!" And now he does it on his own. If he's playing somewhere else in the house, he'll come running to where I am and proudly show me what he put on his head. I find it charming.

Whenever music plays during a commercial, a tv show, on the radio, Ben starts to dance. And he doesn't have a lot of grace or groove yet. His dancing usually involves him playing air drums with his hands, raising one knee at a time and jerking his head from side to side. (I think he learned it from Chester.) Sometimes it catches me off guard. Really. Anytime there's a few bars of music, he dances. He'll do it for me even if there's no music. I say, "Dance, boy, dance!" And he does. Of course he loves it more if we get up and dance with him.

Last Friday, I had to give Ben a bath when Chester was out kayaking. Usually, bathtime is Daddy's time to focus on the boy. But that night, the joy was mine. And Ben learned a new trick. Sure, it's not the safest thing you can do in a bathtub, but it sure looked like fun, and it got Mommy very wet indeed. He'd stand up, jump a little and fall down on his butt with a huge splash. Over and over again. Like a mini cannonball. Tonight is bath night again, and Chester gets the joy of experiencing Ben's new talent.