Monday, June 04, 2007

Pelvic Gyrations, Buzz Cut Weekend

This little peanut of mine has now started to act just like its older brother Ben. I remember how uncomfortable it was when Ben refused to get his head out of my pelvic bone. He never did the total somersaults, though he did spin around and flail quite a bit. Throughout most of his time in the womb, he remained head down, pressed right up against my cervix.

And now this little one is starting down the same path. While there's at least four inches of uterus available now above my pelvic bone, this baby has been twisting and turning down low all morning. While the baby isn't big enough to really make it feel like my hips are about to break, I'm definitely getting the sensation that it's possible.

I'm trying to put a positive spin on this. At my last doctor's appointment two weeks ago, we couldn't find the heartbeat AGAIN. And yet I haven't started to miscarry, and my belly seems to keep growing, so I have to assume everything is moving smoothly along. And while I could convince myself that the kicks and nudges I've felt over the last couple of weeks are just gas, it's hard to mistake these acrobatics taking place right now.

So that's what the baby has been up to.

Ben on the other hand has been terrific. We went to the waterpark on Saturday, and he had a blast. Loved splashing and going down the slides in the baby section. We played hard for two hours.

He stayed awake for the twenty minute car ride home, but tripped on his way into the house. And, lying there flat on his face, he decided it would be a good place for a nap. We hoisted him back up to his feet and said he had to get ALL THE WAY into the house. And he walked to the far side of the kitchen, laid down, and closed his eyes. Completely tuckered out.

Yesterday, he woke up with the idea that we should immediately go outside and play (at 5:30 in the morning). Since the weather wasn't really cooperating, we stayed in until late afternoon when we took him to get his hair cut at the new place in town that caters exclusively to children. He had a wonderful time and got his first buzz cut! I think his favorite part was the balloon they gave him when we were leaving. That poor balloon put up with a bunch of abuse until it finally gave up and popped itself out of existence shortly after dinner. I almost peed myself at the pop, and Ben cried in misery for about three seconds.