Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Off We Go

Today's the day we leave on our mini-babymoon. That crazy plan to leave my dear son with my mother for two nights while my husband and I disappear somewhere to "reconnect." It sounds sordid to me, but hey. We're doing it.

That means no laptop until Thursday evening. Yikes.

Do Chris and I really need time to ourselves? Eh. Maybe. The point of it is to have time together, alone as a couple, before Anna arrives and creates a delightful uproar in our lives. How "together" we can get with this gigantic baby belly in front of me is debatable. At the very least, we'll be cuddling and watching cable TV, and Chris will help me take a bubble bath, and my feet will finally get clean.

I will miss Ben. He's going through such a difficult time right now with the transition from daycare. While he's not miserable, his psyche is dealing with some turmoil, and he has had lots of nightmares. I feel bad leaving him with my mom right now. She'll be great with him, and she's a very nurturing, kind woman, but she's not his mommy or daddy. It's different, right?

Can you tell this will be the first night I've spent away from my son since his birth? And it'll be two nights.

In other news, my man crush has found himself a lady love, and I was devastated at the news. It was fun to have someone pining for me again. I think I'd be more comfortable with the concept if he had picked a nicer lady. The woman in question had always given me the cold shoulder. She never seemed very warm and kind... she's so *not* me. Apparently, he knows a different side of her. She's probably very different away from work, because he extols her "big heart." Whatever. Bastard. :)

Also, I had my 31 week checkup yesterday, and everything's peachy. I've lost four pounds since my last checkup, and I'm thrilled. I've already reached my "goal" weight for the whole pregnancy, and I still have a couple months to go. So I've tried to be more active and to eat less and better. Anna is still getting the nutrition that she needs, and she's still thriving. Yay.

Have a good few days, bloggy world. I'll be off in the wonderful world of marital bliss sans toddler.