Saturday, November 03, 2007

Photo Shoot Day

This isn't one of the beautiful photos that were taken by my friend Mary today, but I still thought it was cute. Anna was being burped by her daddy, and I love the look on her face. So curious and amazed by everything.

My mood level is low tonight. It's been a long day.

We had a lovely visit with my brother Mitch, his wife Becky and their daughter Alisha this morning. He talked a lot. He doesn't usually talk that much in front of me, so it was nice to hear him talk so animatedly about his job. He's running for union rep, and we laughed about how my father is going to crap a brick if he gets the position. My dad is very anti-union. Anyway. They stayed for a little less than an hour.

Dear friend Mary came over after lunch to visit and take Anna's newborn pictures for the baby announcements. We had a nice time cooing over the baby while her four-year-old son JT played with Ben. I started falling asleep a couple hours into the visit, so they left, and I tried to nap.

I think my mood level is low tonight because Anna is acting a little weird. She hasn't really been very hungry today. When she does eat, it's just for about five to ten minutes, and then she stays asleep no matter what I do to try to wake her up. Sometimes when she's awake, she still won't be hungry. If she keeps this up for more than 24 hours, we'll have to start bottling a bit more to make sure she stays hydrated. We can "force" a bottle, but we can't get her to do the necessary work at the breast if she doesn't want to. She's been so content to sleep and cuddle all day.