Thursday, December 20, 2007

For My Anna, at two months plus

Anna dear, you turned two months old last Friday, and I'm very sorry you had to spend the day getting your shots. But at least you got to get lots of Daddy hugs in the afternoon since he couldn't do much else because of his owwies. Let me take a moment to tell you all the things I love about you right now.

- Your eyes are startling to me. Such a beautiful deep, dark blue. I never appreciated your father's eyes until I saw them on you. Even when they are red-rimmed from crying, I still can't help but to swoon a little. I love them most when you are smiling at me.

- Your smile is so precious. Like your brother, you were slow to start smiling, and you aren't exactly like a goofy monkey yet. You aren't easily amused, but you love a sudden burst of attention after a nap or when it's time to nurse. It's then that you smile up at me. You look so pleased to see me and to be alive. Thank you for smiling when Daddy tickles your cheek; it makes him feel special.

- We have a very loud house since your big brother Ben lives here. Sometimes you get upset by the noise, especially when you are very tired and having problems sleeping, but mostly, you are starting to be entertained by the flurry. In just the last week, you've started to seek out the noise in the room (most often from Ben), and you are drawn most to singing, though you seem to get upset when I sing. Thanks a lot.

- When you are lying on my chest, and you are awake and alert, you lift up and crane your head to see me and what's going on around you. Sure, you bob and weave and sometimes headbutt my chin, but it's lovely to see you like this. Sometimes, I catch glimpses of the little girl you'll grow into... curious, nosy and lovely.

- I also enjoy the way you find a way to snake your little hand under the neckline of my shirt. You love to tuck your hand under my shirt, against my skin. If you can't get it there, you grab a hold of the fabric and hold on tightly, like you are claiming ownership of your cuddle spot.

- And Anna, I still find myself breathless with love for you when we settle down to nurse. There's something so sweet and so endearing about the way you flail around while I'm drawing you near me, and so adorable about the way you munch down on me like I'm a decadent dessert that you are savoring. I love watching the expression on your face, and I'm often brought to tears with tenderness.

I'm really looking forward to all of the new and exciting things you'll be doing in the next two months... smiling more and laughing, reaching for things. Maybe you'll sleep more during the night, but I'll love you even if you don't.