Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Jingle All The Way

It's Christmas Day 2007, and I'm about ten minutes away from a nice, long, child-free nap.

Memories so far:

Ben playing with a toy guitar while watching YouTube videos with Papa. He's really starting to vocalize and sing with music. He even does a new dance that is very reminiscent of Elvis's hip gyrations. I'll have to make a video of it.

My back getting really sore from holding Anna during church last night. She slept through half of the service, only waking up midway to eat a bit and then fuss from all the noise and bustle. Lots of strangers came up to comment on how precious "the darling little baby" is. She did look pretty darn cute in her red velvet Christmas dress. A few minutes into the second song, Chris took Ben to the fellowship hall to run around and play on the tables. They stayed there until the closing song. I kind of missed having Ben nearby, but he was tired and hungry and would have been very disruptive.

I dragged Chris out of bed this morning at seven so he could make the promised breakfast for everybody. I reminded him the cook is not allowed to sleep in until noon.

The rest of the family, my brothers and sister and respective spouses and nieces and nephews, all start arriving in a few hours. It'll be a wonderfully loud, chaotic four hours until we leave for home around 4. The rest of the clan is spending the night. It was kind of nice to just have a nice quiet Christmas Eve with just my little family and my parents, but I imagine the rest of them tonight will find their own special joy in the wild and crazy, overstuffed festivities tonight.

Merry Christmas everyone. Happy Holidays. I'm sleepy. Na-nigh.