Monday, January 07, 2008

Stamina Or Something Like It

We're on day 2 of eating well, and our new lifestyle seems to be all I'm thinking about. I probably changed too suddenly yesterday. The meals I prepared yesterday were SO healthy, we were both feeling ill by the evening, suffering from sugar and fat withdrawals. I had a splitting headache throughout the night last night, and I was sick to my stomach this morning. (I refuse to contemplate the possibility that I'm pregnant, so don't even both mentioning the idea). Because I'm nursing, I allowed myself a piece of American cheese on my egg white scramble this morning, and I'll have a spoon of peanut butter later.

Life is moving along at a steady pace, regardless of any lifestyle change. That is to say, nothing much is going on.

One of the reasons I listed for this life adjustment was that I wanted stamina. Stamina for life and for children and for movement and for activity. I know that feeling healthy and fit and strong provides stamina. Like so many other things, I need stamina to get stamina. I need to move in order to move easier. I need to eat in order to reduce cravings.

So my mantra is Baby Steps. As long as I stay with the plan of eating right and taking baby steps towards more activity, I'll still be proud of me.

Cute Ben Things:
Anna was in her swing yesterday, and Ben was "helpful" by wiping her face with her burp rag. She started screaming from all of his helping. He's starting to tell us things now. Last night, he was explaining about how his cars go down the track. Sure, he didn't use sentences, but I knew what he was talking about. "Guck" "Whee!" "Guck" "Whee!" "Honk Honk!" He used the motions for it, too.

Cute Anna Things:
Her smiles are so precious. She's just starting to coo a little, that is, making noises that aren't her usual grunts. She also has the most precious pout when she wants something that she's not getting immediately, but she hasn't started screaming yet. Mostly, I just love watching her facial expressions and admiring the color of her eyes. She kicks a lot now, and she stretches and squirms to get into a better position while she sleeps nestled against me at night. She'll also put her arm over her eyes when she's trying to sleep when the lights are on.