Sunday, February 10, 2008

Can't. Seem. To. Get. It. Done.

Ever have one of those days when you just can't seem to get anything completed?

In reality, I did get a lot done this morning. I spend three hours taking pictures of clothes and then writing little tags on the images to describe them and then uploading the files to my FTP site. Why? In addition to the HUGE Freecycle lot of plus-sized clothes that I went through on Friday, I also received two bags of clothes that a teenage boy recently grew out of or tired of. And I have nephews. So you can guess my train of thought on that.

But my house is cluttered with half-finished tasks all over the place, and it makes me feel frazzled. It wouldn't take too long to sort it all out. Hang up the rest of the laundry and fold the next basketful. Pack up the broken VCR that's being freecycled. Wash the two loads of dishes that are waiting and congealing on the counter. Pull out the top layer of socks from the donation box and throw them in the laundry because the cat slept on them, and then put the donation box in the closet where she can't get to them.

It's one of those days when I wish I had a couple of servants who would keep coming back to my side, asking what else they can help me with, and could they please warm up my coffee for me. Why, yes. Yes, you can. That would be lovely. And could you get the broom and sweep up those dust bunnies that I can see peeking from under the couch? Thank you. On your way back from the kitchen, can you pick up the puzzle that Ben left scattered on the floor? Terrific. Thanks.

On the fitness front, Chris and I have both been holding steady for the last week. We haven't lost anything, we haven't gained anything. This is probably a result of our half-assed devotion to clean eating (a few cookies on Thursday, a dessert after our lunch date on Friday). We'll get it back in gear.

I know exactly where I've been slipping. That just-before-I-go-to-bed hunger graze that happens when I'm overtired. When I want chocolate but have two portions of fruit instead. When I shouldn't really but I have it anyway peanut butter sandwich.

Hey. At least you know I'm not lying about this weight loss journey. It's not all plummeting scale numbers and enthusiastic recipe cooking.