Saturday, February 16, 2008

For My Anna, at four months plus

Oh Anna. You are four months old now. You are my last baby to turn four months old.

I think one of the neat things about only having two babies is that the first is so special because he's first. The second is so special because she is the last.

Everything that you do is tinged by a bittersweet sigh that catches in my throat.

Here's what you are like right now:

*** You love to interact with people. It's almost a frenzied obsession. I sit you up on my lap, facing me, and you look so deeply in my eyes, trying to catch a smile, the same way we look at you.

*** Ben is still enamored by you. He walks up to you wherever you are to say "Hi Baby!" He gives you his trucks, his choo-choos. If you cry, he finds your nuk. You soak it all up, staring at him, smiling and goo-goo-gooing.

*** You've started really going to town, playing with the spinny, rattly things on your walker tray. It's so neat to see your hands touch something, make it spin, and then your eyes track over to see what your hand is up to. It's like I can see the neurons in your brain making new connections.

*** You still totally empty my milk supply every evening, and then you demand a bottle. We just switched to regular baby bottles instead of the medela 4-oz bottles that we were using with the "disposable" nipples we got from the hospital.

*** You love the new bottles, and we love feeding you. Daddy loves the way you grab onto his hand that is holding the bottle, and he loves the way you look at him while you are sucking away. I love nursing you. You don't have much of a view, just my arm, really, but you like caressing it and exploring the parts of my body you can reach from your perch on my lap.

*** You are so darned verbal. So many coos and goos and gurgles. We love listening to you, and we love talking back to you, trying to get another delightful chuckle, another precious goo-goo.

*** I think my favorite time of the day with you is early in the morning, before five, when you get done eating and show no inclination to fall back asleep. I sit up with you in bed, and we smile at each other in the dim light. With a heart full of sweet sleepy dreams with you near me, I see you wake up to greet the still dark day. My little sunshine.