Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where I Come From

I am from the bow-bow chair, from Folgers, Lawry's seasoning salt and split pea soup with a side of buttered bread and Mister Rogers.

I am from the stucco house near downtown, the house on the hill, the house in the woods and the house at the end of the street with the misspelled sign. 

I am from the ancient lilac bush in front of grandma's house, the thick thorny blackberries that flourished under my youthful care until it bore fruit the size of my big toe.

I am from jigsaw puzzles in winter, saunas at sunset, well-deserved egos, from Tepsa and Martilla and Maki and Ylitalo.

I am from the tendency towards denial of negative situations, generosity of spirit, and singing in the car.

From toes are fishy food, daddy's gonna catch a weasel for breakfast, and very smart crows.

I am from evangelical Christianity and a chapter of Proverbs every day.

I'm from Wisconsin and the UP and Finland, Yooper pasties with rutabaga, squeaky cheese I still haven't tasted and "bannuguckwa" every week.

From my father's lumberjack years, my brother's panicked bike ride in the rain on Halloween, and the time my sister took off all her clothes on the neighbor's front porch.

I am from the sticky and stiff albums in my mom's living room, the boxes of treasures and homemade clothes, the elementary school report cards and pre-teen poetry, the princess dress I'm saving for Anna, and the picture of me my brother taped to his bunk bed.

You can do your own "Where I Come From" by following this template. No. I'm not creative enough to come up with this on my own, but didn't it turn out nicely? Happy Valentine's Day!