Sunday, March 16, 2008

Go Off Into The World Now, Abby Quilt

I felt a bittersweet sadness wash over me yesterday as I finished the last little bit of the hand-stitched binding. I put away my needle and thread, and laid the quilt on the floor with a flourish. *Sigh* It was beautiful, and I was proud of my creation.

Ben ran over and grabbed it, scampered away, yelling, "Mine!"

No, Ben. It's not yours. It's Abby's blanket. Mommy made this blanket just for little Abigail, who came into this world with a lusty cry and oh-so-long dark hair Thursday afternoon.

And just like Chris, who put in the last stitch on his cross-stitching piece just five minutes before I began pushing Ben into the world, I was quietly stitching the quilt when I heard the news of my niece's arrival. That needlework piece of Chris's is pinned to Ben's curtains. A cat dangling from a branch, saying, "Hang in There." He started that soon after we learned I was pregnant, and he finished it just in time.

I'm not sure if I'm totally addicted to quilting. I hate to admit to addictions, you know. But I am going to jump right into the Mallory Quilt, and I'm going to sign up for a quilting class so I can learn how to do things better.

Bye, Bye, my dear Abby quilt.