Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dear KS Quilt

I finished another quilt the other day. I had hoped to be totally done with it before my surgery, but I hadn't factored in the last minute stuff around the house I would be doing instead of quilting. So I finished the hand-binding on Friday.

This quilt is for my dear friend KS who also happened to be my boss back in the day when I got paid to be anal-retentive. KS and I email each other back and forth several times a day about stuff going on with our kids, at work, with her pregnancy, with books we're reading, with celebrity gossip, etc. She's having a little girl in May. Her son Luke is Ben's bestest friend. I'm hoping that her little girl and my little Anna will be best friends, too.

The quilt top pattern is called Double Four Patch. I was going to machine quilt it, but I chickened out at the last minute because of how much detail I ended up adding to the back when I realized that I had cut the fabric to the wrong size. Always able to accommodate my own silly mistakes, I added some sashing and introduced a new color. I like the result, but I didn't think the machine quilting would look right on the back side. So I tied it.

I used fleece as the batting, and once again, I'm happy with how that feels. It really gives it a nice weight, and high-loft comforters aren't recommended around babies anyway. Most of the squares are calico, but I added in three different flannels and two seersuckers for some fun and surprising textures.

I love you KS Quilt. I think you're nifty.