Friday, May 02, 2008

Rainy Days Never Get Me Down

When I was a little girl (okay... even when I was a teenager), my mom would always announce on cold, dreary, rainy days, "The perfect thing to do on rainy days is bake cookies!" And we'd bake Nestle Tollhouse cookies with Crisco so they'd be extra soft and chewy. Yum.

I was *this close* to baking oatmeal cookies today. Instead, I pulled out the other rainy day activity I had waiting in my arsenal.

My friend Daisy over at Composter Mom is awesome in so many ways, and I love reading her blog. I love reading about her adventures with her children (who are teens, one in high school, one in college), her interests (wild and far-flung and charming), and her job (a teacher). A few weeks ago, she blogged about a fundraiser her school's Art Club did. For $10 a window, they painted beautiful spring flowers on the windows in the classroom with the promise that they'd wash it off at the end of the school year. I thought it was beautiful.

You might remember one of the art activities I did with Ben before Christmas when I was decorating for the holidays on a budget. Those flowers stayed up for weeks. So much fun.

In a way, what I did today is very similar. I put flowers on the window again. This time, I used paint.

I didn't let Ben join in because I didn't want him to get paint on the woodwork since it's peeling and flaking anyway (wouldn't take more than a drip to have it soak into the wood permanently). I kind of felt like an idiot, painting with my son's acrylics, refusing to let him help me. What kind of art activity is this?

I did promise him that soon I'd set him up with his paints and some paper for him to work with. He liked watching me, though his new "Ramone" car that we picked up at a rummage sale this morning was way more fascinating.

There's something so ultimately pleasing to me to decorate these multi-pane windows. It doesn't take much to make a big impact, and I felt like I was painting away the dreariness of the outside.

One of my other rainy day pleasures is something my husband doesn't even know about. I love going into the attic upstairs and just standing in there. With very little insulation, I can hear the ping-ping of the rain on the roof. It's so settling.

Don't even get me started about how much I love thunderstorms.