Friday, August 22, 2008

What It Was

Well, that was a roller coaster ride of hell.

First, the result: Tension.

Before that, it was maybe my thyroid, migraines, lyme disease, anemia, stroke... etc.

I'm not going to give you a play-by-play of this week, just the highlights. A CT scan on Wednesday because during the night I lost all sensation on my left side periodically. A wonderful physical therapy visit yesterday (I'll be going for months). Wednesday also included frequent vomiting and cold sweats.

So it's tension caused by anxiety and stress. Almost a let down, because it could be easily interpreted to be "all in my head." Sure it is, but it's real. All that seratonin, not doing anything worthwhile up there.

All the neck pain and headaches are caused by the shoulder tension.

Physical therapy will be fun and interesting. The manual therapy worked immediately, and she'll be alternating between that and strengthening exercises, even basic pilates. I'm also on nausea medication and lots and lots of tylenol and motrin.

But knowing what is going on takes a lot of the anxiety away, ironically. I don't think I'm dying. I'm not second guessing everything my body is feeling. I'm just taking it easy on myself until I have at least one pain-free day.