Monday, October 16, 2006

Insurance, Bathroom Redo

Chester and I have the pleasure of working for the same company. I'm in Editorial, he's in Systems. I play with words, he plays with computer stuff. We had our yearly open enrollment meeting with HR today to discuss next year's health insurance options. Damn, that stuff is expensive. We have to reassess whether or not we'll both have individual insurance or just make like a family and have it all come off of one of our paychecks. I wish we could afford a financial advisor for this. My brother is a CPA, but I don't want him knowing how broke we are.

Anyway. Work has been slow for me today. It's taken forever for me to get some pages across my desk, and now that I have some, I'm waiting on answers from other departments. Oh the joy. Good news, I get to leave in thirty minutes to go pick up my baby from daycare. And we get to play at Aldi's to get the cheap basics for food, and then the Super Walmart for everything else.

Don't judge me.

Tonight, if I have the energy (unlikely due to this nasty cold I can't seem to shake), I'll wash down our bathroom walls in preparation to start painting. Yay! We're getting closer to being done redoing the bathroom. This place is a rental, so we're constantly balancing how much we want to put into it versus, "It's a rental, this is not an investment." But the shower doors really did have to come down. I couldn't give Benji a bath in there with the doors up. I wouldn't have access to all of him. And that's dangerous.

So the doors came down, and an industrial strength shower rod went up. And soon we'll be painting the walls two different colors (a deep, dark blue on two walls, and a dark tan on the opposite walls). It'll blend nicely with the shower curtain I bought from that has many shades of grayish blue and tan in a fine-line seersucker plaid. We're also replacing the wall-size mirror behind the vanity with a smaller, framed mirror that has a frame of burnished silver curlicues... kind of like wrought iron.

The biggest change will be relocating the kitty box from its spot in the bathroom to having a box in each of our bedroom closets. I'm slightly concerned with the smell factor, but it'll be a big improvement from having a giant, open litter box right next to the toilet. We'll be putting a little cabinet in its place in the bathroom, so hopefully the cats will know that they can't pee there anymore. In all, we'll have three boxes for two cats, which is what we're supposed to have. It's been difficult finding good places for litter boxes in this apartment. There aren't many nooks and crannies that we can keep open for cat use.

I'll post pictures of the final product in our bathroom when it's done. Hopefully, that'll be by next week, though I'm not holding my breath.