Tuesday, October 17, 2006

No More Zoloft, Odd Dreams

I've been off Zoloft cold turkey for nine days now. I know it's bad to quit cold turkey. I had dropped off my prescription last Monday, but it turns out my script had expired. It took my pharmacy several days to get an answer from my doctor to get it refilled. We received a call last Friday that it was ready to pick up, but we never quite made it there.

I've only been getting the zaps now for a few days. My mood seems to be okay. I'm more aware of the passing of time now. And my dreams are really freaky. Last night I dreamed that I was getting my tonsils removed with only a local anaesthetic. The night before I dreamed that I was chasing down an evil medical cult that was encouraging people to drink these magic potions for health and longevity, but they ended up causing serious genetic mutations in unborn babies.

I wonder what will happen next. I'm not sure if I'll go back on Zoloft. I've been on and off of the stuff since I was 16. The last time I had to go on it was when I was about five months pregnant with Ben. I wasn't having very nice bonding thoughts about the little runt, and my mood was unnaturally low. So my OB put me back on the pills, and everything was fine again.

I'd prefer to be off of drugs. I don't like being dependent on pills to be happy. My life's good enough as it is.

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