Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ben's Not Eating Normally

I called Ben's daycare a little bit ago to apologize for not bringing in more diapers. They said no problem, he had enough for the afternoon, BUT... They were just about to call me. Apparently, Ben's still not eating much or drinking much, and he just spit up again. He's 9.5 months old, and he hasn't been eating normally since he got out of the hospital (an asthma thing) a week and a half ago.

He's been refusing most solid foods, so I tempted him with spaghetti last night. His favorite. He gobbled it right down and had two servings.

He had two 6-ounce bottles last night before bed, and threw up after finishing the second. I figured it was just because we had overfilled the tank, and his body isn't use to that kind of quantity anymore. And because he had vomited most of his bottles, he also had a dry diaper this morning.

Then today at lunch, he refused his spaghetti that I had lovingly packed for him as a surprise. He Refused Spaghetti. What the hell is going on?

Geez. He's acting perfectly happy and playful, so it's hard to get really worried when you're around him.

The game plan: We're going to keep offering him solid foods, but we're also going to offer him Pedialyte in addition to his normal amount of bottles. If he's still not really eating tomorrow, we'll call the nurses line. Chester is all set to stay home with him tomorrow if need be. (He can stay home easier than I can because he can make up the time by coming in during the weekends).