Friday, November 24, 2006

After the Holiday

Our holiday was a success. The new baby is tiny and precious, and it's hard to remember that Ben was actually smaller than Gage. It's phenomenal.

My spinach/artichoke dip was a hit. I served it with garlic toast. It was everybody's favorite guilty pleasure. I didn't really like it though. I made it with miracle whip instead of mayonnaise, and with the marinated artichokes, it was just too salty and tangy for me.

Ben slept the whole way down there and the whole way back. He was awake, active and curious for the whole time with the family. They loved his hair, "Wow. That's some static!" "No, it's like that normally. It's a cowlick."

My sister looks great for just having a baby on Sunday. Breastfeeding is going well, thank goodness. She doesn't know how long she'll breastfeed though. She was full-figured on top to begin with, and with the milk, she's now a 34 K. It's ridiculous. Before her next baby, she's going to actually have a breast reduction, something she's wanted since she was a teenager. She knows she probably won't be able to lactate after that, but she doesn't care. Good for her. She's going for the dream.

I'll be hanging out with Ben at home this morning. No daycare today, so Chester and I are each taking a half-day off. Should be fun. I hope to nap. :) Bad news is that I won't have a computer until the afternoon (unless I go into the basement, and that's just not something I want to do), and when I do get to work, I'll be super busy trying to fit a day's worth of work into one hour. Due to the holiday season, associates from the corporate side of the business (me) get signed up to go into the call center to answer phones and talk to customers. Everybody I work with hates this time of year, but I think it's fun. I like the customers. Anyway. I'll be doing that for a few hours this afternoon.