Saturday, November 25, 2006

Crazy Dreams

There were so many different layers to this dream I had last night. I have no idea of the significance, if any, of the odd pieces.

The underlying quest was to pick up Ben from somewhere, but I didn't have a carseat.

At one point, I was boating on the lakes in Northern Wisconsin, and there were crocodiles and dolphins. I wasn't scared of them. Instead, I was trying to protect them from harassing children who kept wanting to pull them out of the lake and keep them as pets.

But, the rest of the dream follows a story line of sorts.

I needed to get a hold of Chester to bring around the car that has the carseat in it. I went into the daycare to use their phone. I sat down and decided that I needed to take off my shirt to make the call for some reason. Bra, too. I had a pillow against my chest, but it was apparent to everybody that I was topless. When I had finally finished a call, I had my mother (where did she come from?) stand in front of me while I pulled my shirt back on. The daycare director said that because I had my mom there, all was forgiven.

Where was Ben? I had left him in the back of a SUV with my dear friend Will. (I haven't seen Will in over three years, and I miss him terribly. When I moved away from Stevens Point, we lost contact for a little while, and he's a bit of a nomad. I google him monthly to see if he's popped up anywhere. I keep imaging that I'll run into him someplace, and we'll have a grand reunion.) The SUV was parked in front of a rec center. Eventually Will took Ben inside so he could watch the action. Ben slept through the whole thing.

I told Will I'd be right back to pick up Ben, but I had dinner with some parents from daycare instead. When I finally got there, it was around midnight. I clipped Ben's carseat onto a stroller, and started off jogging back home. We had to go through a bad part of town, and I was a little frightened. We jogged past several violent domestic disputes, and I was scared of getting caught in the crossfire (literally). We ducked through an alley that led behind an old pizza parlor. We had to run out under street lights to get past the parlor, but something was going on so we stayed in the shadows.

I overheard some teens arguing and talking about how they were going to get in trouble for coming home late. A couple of them went deeper into the pizza parlor (which became their boarding house), and I heard a woman yelling at a boy for coming home late. There was more shouting, and then the kid started shooting the mother. After a little bit, all was silent, and then the group of boys started darting across the lit street for the shadows on the other side.

I had to make it seem like I hadn't heard anything (because I didn't want to get clipped off for being a witness), so I backtracked through the alley, skipped over a couple of blocks, and then started off in the direction of home again.

Then I woke up.