Monday, November 13, 2006

Cleaning out the Cupboard

I had a lovely weekend at home with my boys.

Saturday, while Chester went to work to do a big messy server project, Ben napped, and I sat on the couch feeling guilty for not tackling some project or another. I knew that if Chester had just sat on his lazy butt all afternoon, I would have been resentful. So I dragged myself into the kitchen.

Our food cabinet has not really been organized since we moved in and shoved things onto the shelves. Well, since the discovery of squirmy little bugs in the Wondra flour on Wednesday, I have been revolted at the sight of the disorder and the thought of lurking pests.

So I cleaned it out. Everything that was just in a cardboard box (like pasta and pancake mix) or a paper bag (like flour) went into the trash. I was plagued with thoughts of being wasteful, but I knew that I would be buying plastic containers to hold everything that I buy now. That won't help the Wondra flour... I was just too lazy to turn the little top to close the holes. But still. Every little bit of change matters. All in all, our cupboard is not exactly bare, but there's definitely room for us to buy more food.

Last night while we were cooking a lovely dinner (more on that later today), Chester and I cleaned out the freezer of all the stuff we knew we'd never eat, had horrible frostbite, or had been in there more than a year. Like our food cupboard, our freezer is also quite bare now. :)

It feels remarkably good to have small areas of our lives in order.