Monday, December 18, 2006

Baby? Are You In There?

I was spotting very lightly this morning. With Ben, I did that a couple days before I was expecting my period, and it was implantation bleeding. Either I'll start my period today, or I'll be pretty sure I'm pregnant by tomorrow morning.

Very slight cramps, but it feels like round ligament stuff. I'm peeing a little every time I sneeze, which is so annoying because I have a cold. So when I feel a sneeze coming on, I squeeze my kegel muscles so tight, when the sneeze comes, then I get all crampy. Darn.

Last night I dreamed I took a pregnancy test three times and it was always positive. So this morning, I took one. Negative. I haven't given up hope yet, of course. I'm not officially "late" until Thursday, so I can't reasonably expect any tests to work yet.

I've been talking to Ben a lot about having a baby brother or sister. I think he'll do okay with it. He's so young. He won't even be two when the baby is born. He loves the babies at day care.

Chester and I decided that once our mortgage pre-approval happens, we'll make an offer on the Climbing Tree house. I think we'd both be heartbroken if it was sold before we had a chance at it. It's a buyer's market, and this house has only been on the market two months... but it's the best one in that price bracket. If it appeals to us so much, of course it'll appeal to other people as well.

We haven't been able to submit the rest of our documents to the underwriters yet because we're waiting for Chester's W2 from Arizona. It takes about five business days for mail from Tucson to reach Wausau. Who knows how long it'll be for the underwriters, especially considering they'll have to work with a credit restoration company to figure out the MBNA "cancelled account" of Chester's. And the holidays will probably slow things up as well.

This waiting game kind of sucks. I'm not fond of insecurity. And I love and need to plan. Right now I can plan, but not realistically. For instance, I spent about two hours on planning out what colors I'll paint each room in the new house. If Chester knew, he'd definitely roll his eyes. I'm also mapping out in my head what stuff we can pack now and what has to wait until the last minute.