Monday, December 11, 2006

Concussion, Mortgage March, Ben's Stuffy Head

For the record, I'm bummed that I can't access today. It says I'm forbidden. The nerve!

Chester gave himself a concussion this morning. He took a shower by the early morning light, and when he exited the tub, he bent over (in the relative darkness) to open up the cabinet. He smashed his forehead. Hard. He's been kind of swimmy, dizzy and nauseated all day.

The Mortgage March keeps going forward. This afternoon we sign for the personal loan to settle my debt (since Chester's was apparently forgiven). So three weeks from now, I should have a pretty little paper in my hand that says my debt was satisfied in full.

We finally made contact with our realtor (Dennis) today. Chester thinks he might be kind of pushy. I said he sounded enthusiastic. This is just because he's already started looking for houses for us. He has a couple he wants us to see this weekend. Unfortunately, he's still going with the 70-75 price range that the mortgage lady gave him. Chester and I have only been looking up to 70.

We drove past the house on 1st Ave that we love this morning on the way to daycare, and I accidentally said, "Oh look. The bus stop is right in front of our house. How convenient." What can I say? That place has the best climbing tree I've ever seen in the backyard. I almost don't care what the inside looks like. That climbing tree has won my heart.

Ben's not feeling all that great, although he was well enough for daycare. He's over his vomiting, but now he has a full-fledged cold. All he wanted to do this morning was lie on the floor and moan and whine and pound the ground with his hands. I understand. I do that myself when I'm not feeling well. Expressing my discomfort dramatically makes me feel better. Apparently, Ben has inherited that tendency, so although it's annoying and heart-breaking, I can't really fault him the dramatics.