Sunday, December 10, 2006

skinny little butt, but expressive eyes

That's how I would describe my new nephew, Gage. Yesterday, we drove to Oshkosh for my sister's baby shower, which they decided to have after he was born. I was in charge of bringing six presents for prizes for the games, and the beverages and cups.

And we were fifteen minutes late. I was mortified. I'm never late for anything. I guess having a little kid around makes it harder to get out of the house. Oh well. My sister forgave me.

There was food, soda (eventually), and munchies. Then the games started. I bowed out gracefully for them. I didn't want to win any of the prizes I had put together, and the games were all centered around words, and they decided it wasn't fair for me to play. I did help one girl win the word scramble, though. shhhhh.

I got to hold my new little nephew and change his diaper when he exploded. What a skinny little butt and legs. It was a startling contrast to how chubby Ben got almost right away. Gage is a great eater, but he seems to be growing as long as possible first before he starts filling out. He has a sweet face. Very solemn looking. I wuv him already.

On Friday we got the go-ahead from our bank to settle our old debts. I settled with Discover for 40%. Chester settled with his company for 32%. But then something went wrong, and things got confusing. I can't talk about it yet, but the phrase "Merry Christmas" was involved, and my mother said, "Praise God."

It'll only be another week and a half before we can move on to the next step in the process, ie sending our information to the mortgage underwriters.

Is it wrong that we're already really excited about a certain house that's for sale about a mile away? We haven't even seen the inside yet (except for pictures) and I already feel like it's "the one." There's a fantastic climbing tree in the backyard, and it's in our price range. We finally talk to our realtor for the first time on Monday. I'm excited. I hope he doesn't suck.