Friday, December 08, 2006

Ick. Ick. Ick. Yawn.

Ben was unusually fussy last night before bed. And then he threw up. We thought it was just a fluke. Ha.

At least twice an hour throughout the night, my dear precious boy vomited. We ran out of clean sheets for his bed, of course. Now there's just some towels for him to sleep on. We also ran out of clean jammies.

Poor widdle guy. We had to give him a sponge bath four times because the back of his head got soaked in the vomit. It's such a distinctive smell. I remember the last time he had a vomiting illness when he was five months old. This went on for a week, and by the end, I was sick to my stomach at the remembrance of that sickly sweet, sour formula smell.

No fever, no diarrhea. It's just a stomach virus that has to run its course. Funnily enough, a couple times after he vomited, he wanted to get up and play for a while. If I didn't actually take him out and let him roll his trucks around, he'd play peekaboo with his blankie.

He was so thirsty this morning. I gave him a sippy cup of Pedialyte. He sucked it all down, only throwing up twice in the process. Despite it all coming back up, it seemed to comfort him, so I allowed it. Then I offered him a 3-oz bottle of soy formula (we keep a stash for stomach bugs like this), and he ate one ounce and was satisfied. He eventually went back to sleep without vomiting again.

Chester is home with him this morning, and I'll switch with him at the noon hour. Needless to say, I didn't sleep much.

Tomorrow is my sister's baby shower, and I had hoped to bring Ben and Chester along, but I don't think it'll be wise to bring Ben around a little baby like that for a few days. It'll be a lonely drive without them. :(