Monday, December 04, 2006

Mortgage, Ben's 5th Toof, Walking

The first half of 2007 is going to be exciting. At least that's what we're going for.

We're getting deeper into talks with a mortgage loan officer. We have some things to take care of on our credit reports, but my mother agreed to co-sign a loan with me to pay off our outstanding bills right away.

The mortgage lady is pushing for us to close by the end of March. I'm perfectly fine with this if it's possible, but we haven't even started house hunting yet. Well, kind of. Yesterday morning we drove around a neighborhood we like a lot. Not a whole bunch of houses available, though. I think we're just going to have to rely on the talents of a realtor.

Ben's news:
He cut his fifth toofer. Now he has two on the bottom and three on the top. He has a big ol' rash on his back and cheeks to prove it.
He took his first step yesterday, not that he's aware of it. Chris was sitting on a chair about three steps away from where I was sitting on the floor. Ben was standing up against his legs, and Chris held his hand for the first two steps, and Ben took it from there. We haven't managed to get him to do it again, though. He chickens out and plops down on his butt shortly after we let go.

Work is crazy busy. I was buzzing around on the 'puter this morning designing some flyers, and now I have only an afternoon to do what I would normally get done in my regular job in a day. Yikes.