Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Getting Ready to Buy a House, Stress!

I feel really guilty for not blogging yesterday. There just wasn't time. I'm coming up against a hard deadline at work, and every chance I get, I'm researching debt settlements and mortgages. I haven't even had time to start browsing online for houses.

What I'd really love is a map of our community with little dots where the houses for sale are. There are certain neighborhoods where I'd like to look, but there isn't a format like that around here. So I have write down all the streets that I want to look at, and then go through each listing to find possibilities. Either that or enter the street address in google maps and see if it's anywhere close to where I want to live. This is why God invented realtors. They can sift through all of that.

We're getting really close to signing a personal loan to settle our debts so we can get a mortgage. I'm only one step away with one credit union, but I don't really like the guy there that much. He almost hung up on me when I mentioned that I wanted to quit my job next year. Really rude. So yesterday afternoon I applied at a couple more places. It still seems odd to me that I'd need to put up collateral if I have a co-signer with an excellent credit score. What's the point of a co-signer if I still need to put up our car as collateral?

Yesterday afternoon I was so stressed. A logo on a page was causing me such angst that I was nearly crying in frustration. "Why is it at 100%? Am I going insane? Shouldn't that be 50%?" Yes, folks. The lady is hormonal. I went to bed at 7:30 last night.

Close on a house by the end of March? Geez. It feels like it's all spinning out of control, but I know it's not. If we can't afford a mortgage, they won't give us one. Right now we're in that in between space where we're not yet qualified, but not yet turned down. I have to get my ducks lined up, shoot them dead, and then hope for mercy.

In other news, December is marching onward. And I still have to use up my vacation and personal time here at work. I'm taking next Tuesday afternoon off to spend with my best friend Mary on her birthday. We'll go out for lunch, paint some pottery at the pottery place, and then catch a movie. And just to be a little bit crazy, I also took all of that Wednesday off as well. I haven't made any plans for it yet. I might spend the morning in bed, and then pick up the boy from daycare and go Christmas shopping.