Wednesday, December 06, 2006

That Blissful Feeling

I have this vision in my head. Not of the specific house we'll buy, but just the feeling I'll get after we move in.

In six months...

I will be quite pregnant with my second child. My son will be walking and talking a little bit. We will be living in a house that we own. I may be quitting my job soon to stay home with my child and my child-to-come. I will have the freedom, if not the time, to garden and dig my hands in dirt that belongs to me. There will be peace, serenity, and hopefully bliss.

Only that "feeling" is bringing me any peace right now. As a rule, I hate change and drama. I avoid it. But I really want to get to that "feeling" and I know that I'll have to go through a bit of hell to get there.

Seriously, I hate getting the mail because there might be bills. Are you actually telling me I have to pick up the phone and call companies that I owe thousands of dollars to and talk to them? Holy crap. Get me a valium.

Come on... need the bliss back.