Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ben, the Boy with Soggy Diapers

Ben has his one-year checkup today. It's an exciting day that started with a bath because the boy was soaked in urine from head to toe when he woke up. That's a problem I don't quite know how to solve. I think we'll have to get some fancy overnight diapers for him. This is something that's been going on for a couple of weeks. We don't usually give him a bath, just wipe him down with some diaper wipes, but with his doctor's appointment today, I wanted him to smell pretty.

Last night on our way home from Walmart, Ben was kicking his snow boots against the door until they fell off, and then we heard some serious grunting and whining coming from the back seat as he strained forward against his car seat belts. He was pulling off his socks. He left them in a neat pile on the side of his car seat, though. At least he's conscientious about it. We had a nice chuckle.

Next week Chester will be gone to Milwaukee for work training. His boss told him it would be business casual. And since he only has one pair of non-denim pants, he gets to go shopping this weekend for more khaki pants. And that gave me an excuse to buy myself a pair of khaki pants as well. How a lady can survive with only three pairs of pants (two jeans, one black knit) is beyond me. So while Chester and Ben went grocery shopping, I had a quick spree at Lane Bryant. I bought two tops and one pair of khaki pants that will have to be hemmed a couple of inches because I'm too short for Average and too tall for Petite. It was fun. I tried on lots of clearance tops that made me giggle. I don't belong in a shirt with poet/lacy cuffs and puffed sleeves.

My dear husband is on a health kick as of yesterday. He had an ENT appointment, and they weighed him beforehand. He is a couple of pounds over his own personal maximum (he'd kill me if I revealed it, even if I don't use his real name on this blog). So he bought lots of healthy stuff, which is great. I'm looking forward to it, and I'll support him as much as I can. Goodness knows I can stand to lose a few pounds (like a hundred).