Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ten Things I Learned in 2006 Meme

  1. Being a mother is more wonderful than I imagined.
  2. It is not impossible to qualify for a mortgage if you have bad credit, it just takes more effort and determination.
  3. Procto-foam is a wonderful product.
  4. Opening up about the past is difficult, but immensely cathartic.
  5. Cooking your mother's recipes is a soothing way to spend an evening.
  6. Peekaboo is one of the greatest games on the planet.
  7. Nothing is quite as thrilling as watching your child reach another developmental milestone.
  8. Sometimes babies are stillborn, sometimes miscarriages happen, and that's infinitely sad.
  9. My husband is a wonderful father and a fantastic helpmate.
  10. Don't hold an infant over your head when your mouth is open. They will spit up at that moment.