Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Weekend Recap

I was able to hold a precious little two-week-old baby this morning. One of my co-workers brought in her newborn to show off. Such a cutie-pie. A very orange, jaundiced baby. She reassured me that they were on their way to the doctor's office. He was still adorable, though.

Ben's birthday party went well. He wasn't too much into his cake, although he did managed to cover his face and arms with icing. As a bonus, my sister and her family showed up in the late afternoon for a visit. Chester had to go over the finer points of the laptop my brother-in-law had just purchased, and they had presents for Ben.

We officially have a walking boy. He's not 100% all the time walking, but nearly 80%. The big change happened just over the weekend. The ladies at daycare were shocked and thrilled this morning when he toddled his way to the toys.

I'm not feeling well. It kind of feels like the flu. Everything is achy and sore, and I have a headache that won't go away. It's right behind my eyes, so I made an eye doctor appointment for Friday to see if I need a new prescription. Last night, I had a "deep freeze" moment, where I get a big chill, right to the bone, and I have to huddle under several layers of blankets to get warm again. I hate those, because I never know when they'll strike. I don't sleep in pajamas, and I wander to the bathroom a few times a night in my birthday suit, and sometimes, it has bad repercussions. The achy/sore/headache thing was going on all weekend, though.

Today we're finalizing our homeowner's insurance. Turns out we'd get an even better deal on the homeowner's insurance if we switched our auto insurance to the same company, so that's what I did. We'll now be paying the same amount every month for both insurances that we used to pay for just the auto insurance.

Thanks for all the congratulations about the house. It is adorable, isn't it? Yes, it's very "cozy." 968 sq. ft. But it also has a full basement that we'll be partially finishing off eventually. It's just perfect for our first home, and I'm sure we'll be happy there for at least five or six years.