Monday, January 08, 2007

I have plenty of cheese with my Whine, thank you.

Today is the day that Chester leaves for Four Sleeps, Four Daytimes. He'll be back late Friday night.

Yes, I'm depressed about this. He and I haven't spent the night away from each other since we got married. What can I say? He's my best friend, and it sucks that he won't be around. It also sucks that now I'll have to take care of The Boy all by myself, and that'll be exhausting.

Tuesday night, play date at the mall. Wednesday night, my mom is coming for an overnight to give me a little break. Thursday night, best friend Mary and her kids are coming over to keep us company.

I'm such a wimp. It doesn't help that I've been super nauseated for the past few days (can we say Maybe Baby) and feeling very tired.

I'm sorry this is such a whiny email. I'm in a pitiful mood, and I know it.

On the brighter side, I am overflowing with blessings every day. My cup runneth over. But dang it. I still want my husband to be around.