Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just me and my boy

Ben walked around the house clapping and shouting DADADADADADADADADADADA for about twenty minutes last night. Trying to get Daddy's attention so he would come out of hiding. But Daddy's in Milwaukee.

Last night and this morning so many things happened that made me miss having Chester around.

1. Went to Super Walmart to buy groceries and supplies. Because I'm not feeling well, I'm also forgetful, and I had to walk around that store four times to finally get everything I needed. If Chester had been with me, I could have sent him running for dish soap and a bottle brush while I waited in line to check out. Butnooooooooo. I had to move my big butt and get it myself.

2. When we got home, I had to strap Ben into his highchair so I could bring in our purchases. Usually, I just bring Ben in and Chester brings in the bags. This wasn't really a disastrous thing. I set The Boy up with cinnamon graham crackers, and he was quite content and happy to wait for Mamma to get back. I still don't like leaving him unattended though.

3. I don't know what it is that I do differently, but I can't get Ben to calm down and fall asleep very easily. It was about 7:30 last night. Ben was whiny and tired. I cuddled with him, offered him a nice, warm bottle or nuk, and waited for him to fall asleep. This is usually Chester's time to snuggle with Ben. My dear son squirmed and tried to get away from me for about ten minutes before he finally gave up the fight and fell asleep. If Chester had been there, it would have been two minutes of fighting and then sleep.

4. This morning, Ben woke up at the crack of five am. This is usually fine. I'm a morning person. But I don't feel well, dammit. Okay, Chester being here wouldn't have made any difference. It's our house rule that if the boy wakes up after three am for any reason, I'm the one to get up with him. I got Ben to take a nap at 5:45, though, and I went back to bed until six-thirty. My life would have been better if Chester was home because he would have gotten up at the normal time and could have done the morning preparation tasks (like packing for daycare) while I slept a little bit longer, like maybe six-forty.

5. Luckily, Ben was sleeping when I got up to take a shower, but if he had been awake, the showering process would have been a bit more difficult, and I would have missed Chester greatly. Even though I didn't need him this morning to take a shower, I did spend three minutes in desperate contemplation in the shower about how much better my life would be if he were home.

6. Maybe I would have actually made more of an effort to get Ben ready this morning if Chester had been there. But I let Ben sleep in until seven, and then just got him in his hat, boots, and coat. And he was still wearing his JAMMIES. Bad mommy. I packed day clothes for the nice people at daycare to dress him in, but it seemed so much easier to just leave him in his pajamas. It was such a rare event for him not to pee through a diaper and soak his night clothes. It still made me feel a little bit like a loser for bringing Ben to daycare in his jammies.

7. I had to bring the garbage can to the curb this morning. The handle is icy cold, and I wasn't wearing gloves. I also had to leave Ben in the car while I did it, and there's that whole leaving him unattended thing. He survived though. He was, however, wearing his snuggly ear flap hat, and he had obviously turned his head from side to side a couple of times, because the ear flap part was over his eyes when I got back. He was struggling mightily with that darn hat when I got back, and he was kind of pissed.

Three more sleeps before Chester comes home. I miss back scratches and hugs. I did enjoy sleeping diagonally in the bed, though.

(PG update) I took a Walmart brand pregnancy test last night. It was negative. BUT. It's still two days away from when those tests are actually supposed to work, and it wasn't the first morning urine. I'm still having all-day morning sickness and my appetite is almost nil (like with Ben). I haven't given up hope yet. My period isn't expected until Monday anyway.