Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dream a Little Dream of Cabinets

Before: This picture was taken on the day we but in an offer on the house. That's all the previous homeowner's stuff. We don't have a big table in the room... and the picture doesn't show the big window above the sink to the right of the frame. We have a nice new stove, too.

My plans for my kitchen continue to evolve. I'm still sold on the blue and the lace, but I've picked out a treatment for our cabinets. Beadboard. We're going to buy inexpensive beadboard paneling and attach that to the cabinet doors, and then frame it out with simple strips of wood. I will paint it cream and then antique it by rubbing some dark brown oil paint into the grooves and then wipe it out.

It will be beautiful. It's also tricky. We'll have to replace all the hinges on the doors at the same time, and since the cabinet doors are bigger than the "holes" they cover, we need to be careful about how thick the facing on the cabinet is, or we won't be able to completely open the door.

Also... there's a blank space of wall above the cabinets. Instead of installing cabinets up there, I want to leave it, but find a beautiful wallpaper and apply it to that "crown" of wall above the cabinets. I think it'll be a nice, interesting touch since the other walls will be solid blue.

We still need to price out the materials... but our time frame for this project is summertime. This month, our money will go to buying a new bathroom sink and faucet.