Thursday, February 08, 2007

Maybe Baby? This Time With A Breakdown

Geez, my cycles are screwed up. My past three cycles since I went off the pill have been 25, 23, and 29. I started doing the basal body temperature charting thing a few weeks ago, and according to that, it'll be day 36 of my cycle before I'm expected to get my period again. Today is day 29.

We still have a good chance that we conceived (because we're frisky little buggers), but it sucks since I have to wait so long to find out. This "wondering" part of the month is tough. Here's the breakdown of clues, either way.

Maybe Baby?
--My skin is kind of flushed and pink.
--I have crazy mood swings.
--My appetite is huge.
--I'm craving Mexican food (which isn't normal for me).
--My mind seems to think I'm pregnant, because I keep talking about my "babies" and when we have the new little baby in the fall. I also am more prone to talking to my belly when I'm bored. "Hi there, little baby. Welcome to the family. We hope you have fun."

Probably No Baby
--Life was very busy this cycle and we didn't "um, you know" as often as we had planned. Mostly my fault. When the boy goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8, I usually head to bed too. If I'm really tired, I might not feel like making the effort.
--My cycles are so erratic, and I'm not even sure I'm ovulating.
--I don't want to think about this part of the list. I want to be preggers.

Anyway. We'll just have to wait and see. My mom thinks it's weird that her daughters "plan" their babies. When she was getting pregnant, they didn't do charting or testing. If you missed two periods in a row, you were probably pregnant. Instead, I'm charting my temps and buying PG tests in bulk.

In other news: Rooster Boy (who isn't so rooster-ish anymore... he got his haircut last night) is at the doctor's office right now with Chester. Ben woke up this morning with an awful cough. He goes on these coughing jags that usually include wretching and gagging. Not a good sign. And he's wheezing during the day now, rather than just at night. Since he was a preemie, our doctors are very careful about respiratory infections and viruses with him.

Update: The doctor said Ben has another ear infection and a bad cold. He's now on augmentin.