Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh Bed, I miss you so.

It was around this point in my first pregnancy that people at work started to comment to my friends that I didn't look so hot.

"What's wrong with Cheryl? Should she be in the hospital?"
"She looks like she got beat up."
"She's pregnant, isn't she?"

Yes, this intense fatigue is due to the pregnancy. This queasiness is because I have a baby in my belly.

Let me talk for a moment about fatigue. I am fatigued because my body is in overdrive, trying to produce a placenta that will support this little runt in my uterus. I am fatigued because of that magical hormone called progesterone that I have coursing through my body.

When I look in the mirror, I see myself as half-baked. Totally. I can't keep my eyes fully open, and it takes a lot of energy to form an expression on my face. Ha. And they expect me to perform at 100% here at work, doing my job as well as that of my vacationing boss (bless her heart). Like that's going to happen.

So, since I can't do a half-assed job here, I have to pick what part of my life I'll let slide. And, ladies and gentlemen, that would be my home life. Our house is a disaster area. Not that it's ever picked up and clean for more than 24 hours at a time, but seriously, that place is getting scary. And I can't really ask Chester to clean up since he's doing way more than his fair share of the parenting lately. I just won't let anyone come inside.