Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh, the nausea!

Is it so terribly wrong that on more than one occasion in the last two days, I've wanted to not be pregnant anymore?

This nausea thing has flattened me like a steamroller. I couldn't get out of bed for anything other than vomiting yesterday. And today? I'm so very queasy and light-headed since I hadn't really eaten anything in 36 hours.

Around noon yesterday, I finally called the on-call doctor and he called in a prescription for Zyrtec. And around five last night, I was finally able to swallow enough liquid to take the pill. I felt a tiny bit better a few hours after that. At least well enough to kiss my son goodnight.

Poor kiddo. So many times yesterday, he'd get so excited to see me come out of the bedroom, only to have the bathroom door shut in his face because Mamma was busy vomiting. He had several meltdowns, but Chester brought him into the bedroom to visit me a couple of times.

And today? Didn't really have a choice. Had to come to work. Both my boss and I were gone last Friday, and that means a proofreading black hole. Turns out even my boss's boss was out sick on Friday, so the other girl in our department was totally freaking out with all the extra, advanced stuff she had to do. They needed me here, and I couldn't really afford to use any of the rest of my 18 hours of sick time that I have for the remainder of the year. Everything at work is in a flurry because they finally announced the restructuring in our departments last Thursday. So many people in an uproar. The transitions will take a couple of months for some people, and my position isn't really affected. But it's drama, and cubicle environments thrive on that stuff.

At lunch, after I ate a half-cup of chicken soup broth and four french fries, I sat out in the car and cried on Chester. I feel so miserable. He reminded me that I was really sick with Ben, too. And I just took it minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. That's nice, but I don't feel the same stamina I had with Ben.

A new pregnancy symptom that I didn't have with Ben? Feeling out of breath. I thought that was just a third trimester symptom. We almost went to the emergency room Thursday night because I couldn't easily catch my breath, but I went online to check, and it turns out it's normal. It's the progesterone surge. So it's normal, but it's still a lousy symptom.

Sorry this post sucks, but my head isn't on right. We have our first OB appointment this afternoon, and if I learn something special, I'll post about it tonight.

Update: No special news from the doctor. Basically just talking and a very uncomfortable pelvic exam. I learned a new word! Friable cervix. The reason for my spotting after the appointment. Further update: I'm getting my appetite back today. I've been snacking all day long on various things like pretzels, cornflakes, mints, french fries, pineapple, etc. Man, the fatigue is hitting me hard. I took a ten-minute nap in the car this morning, a fifteen-minute nap during lunch, and I may or may not do another 10-minute snooze this afternoon.