Monday, April 23, 2007

Vomit, Heartbeat & Surgeries

I'm going to try to make this quick. I'm only at work for half a day, and there's a ton of crap to do.

I'll start out by saying, Yay. I made it to Week 10. Tomorrow afternoon I have my next check-up, and we should hear the heartbeat then. I'm very nervous and anxious about it. The appointment could go really well or really badly, if you know what I mean. I don't want to say my fears out loud. But they are definitely knocking around my skull today.

Ben was very cuddly and lethargic this morning when we woke him up. He stayed cuddling on me even while he drank his bottle. And then he vomited all over. Poor kid. Chester took the morning shift at home, and I'll be there this afternoon.

Funny thing about Chester not being at work this morning. The power has switched off and on twice already. No clue why. But from previous experience, I know that a power outage is enough to send the Systems guys into a freaking tailspin, and Chester is missing all of the fun.

We had a nice weekend that could have gone very badly. Chester's project was to replace the drain in our bathtub so we could give Ben a full tub bath. Before we just used an inflatable tub insert, but Ben's getting really acrobatic in the tub, and he doesn't have enough room. So we found out just how hard it is to retrofit a new drain into a tub that's over fifty years old. Not easy at all. I was finally able to take a shower last night, but it was tough waiting the whole weekend for that. We decided that if Chester couldn't get the thing hooked up properly by four in the afternoon, we'd stay at a hotel for the night. He finished by three. Ben had a terrific time in the tub last night. He especially loved floating on his back. We are going to have so much fun at the lake this summer.

We put together Ben's brand new radio flyer red wagon. He loves climbing in and out, but he wasn't too impressed with the whole riding around in it thing. He preferred to climb out and push it himself.

The weather was beautiful all weekend. I loved having the opportunity to air out the house a little. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to open the windows a little this afternoon since the house currently smells not of fresh spring air, but of hot dog and peaches vomit.

At this moment, my mom is in surgery getting her knee replaced. She calls it her Spa Week at the Knee Factory. She's 62 and very active, and not having full use of her knee for the past couple years has really sucked. We're going to Oshkosh on Wednesday to visit her in the hospital. She requested a cupcake so she can sing Happy Birthday to me.

Oh yeah. That's right. I'm turning 26 on Wednesday.

My sister is having her breast reduction surgery tomorrow. A long time coming. She'll be going from a 34H to a 34C. She's very excited. And I'm nervous for her. Last night I dreamed that I was able to switch places with her after the surgery so she wouldn't have to go through the pain and discomfort of the stitches and drains. I can't believe they do reduction surgery on an outpatient basis. I think it's crazy.

Okay. I think I've got you guys caught up on my life. Back to the proofreading grindstone.