Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Let's Put A Spin On This

My OB was unable to find a heartbeat at my 10-week checkup this afternoon, so she scheduled me in for an ultrasound on Thursday morning.

Positive Spin, brought to you by the enthusiastic, confident lady that I am:

I'm a heavy lady, and that makes it harder to find the heartbeat this early by doppler.
I'll get to see pictures of our little peanut, not just a sucky audio recording of a heartbeat.
I'll be reassured that, even though twins are always a blessing and a miracle, we will blessedly not be blessed with twins.
I'll still get to have another ultrasound at 18 weeks when we'll find out the gender.

So that's that. Thought you guys should know what's going on.

I promise I'll post by Thursday afternoon and let you know what they found. Oh. And hubby won't be able to be at the appointment with me because of a stupid contest his department at work is part of. It requires 100% participation from the department before they all get free shoes. And I'd have to be dying before they'd let him out of going.