Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Swear The Baby's Not On Crack

Everything's fine.

The baby is measuring at 11w2d (I'm only supposed to be 10w3d). And the heart rate is incredibly fast at 171 beats per minute.

There's already an attached umbilical cord and everything. Very nice indeed.

There was much rejoicing in the land.

I had to go to the appointment by myself, and I was in agony beforehand. Why? The over-full bladder. I couldn't walk, and I was having horrible stomach cramps. I was bawling when I checked in, and they let me "release just a little." The ultrasound tech was so mad... she had told the check-in lady that I could void completely, that she could still get a good view as long as I had chugged all the water I said I did.

She had me lay down for a quick peek to verify that there was a heartbeat, and then I jumped up and was able to pee to my heart's content. Then I went back for the rest of the ultrasound. Bless her dear sweet heart.