Friday, July 06, 2007

An Evening At The Park With Ben

I took the afternoon off yesterday. And I napped hard. We also had the pleasure of my mother's company in the evening. My niece Alisha has been spending the week with her. We were going to go to the park to have a picnic, but of course it rained around the time we wanted to leave. So we picnicked in the living room and went to the park later after things had a chance to dry.

And Chester got a new phone from work yesterday. A blackberry pearl that takes decent pictures. So I figured now was a good time for a Benji Photo Essay.

This is a close approximation of Ben's classic "oh" face. Yeah. I know. He's adorable. He was getting very excited about getting to climb up and go down the slides.

Can you taste the excitement and determination?

Oh yeah. That's what I call fun.

Again? Please? More Mamma? Swings?

Here's some more of Ben's joy if you can handle it.

We had a terrific time. This is definitely my favorite age so far.