Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The End Date

Well, I kind of did it. I gave my boss a tentative end date. September 7th. I'll give her an official letter of resignation in a couple of weeks, but she's my friend, and I wanted to let her know what I was thinking. I cried.

Anyway. Chester still says I don't have to quit, that we could work something out... but. Well. I have more reasons to leave than I have to stay. My brain is telling me to stay, but my gut and my heart is telling me to leave. So I'll leave. And I'll move on to the next phase of my life where I get to dedicate my life to raising my babies.

If it doesn't work out, I can always come back in another position or find a brand new company to work for. But I don't see that happening.

In other news, Ben got his second black eye last night. He climbed onto his bed and ran, not crawled, up to the head of the bed. And he tripped over his pillow and slammed his face down on his headboard. It was not a happy experience for this small boy.

He learned how to give raspberries (or zerberts, as we call them). He spent about five minutes this morning soaking my bare knee is saliva. I was laughing uproariously. It escalated his excitement so much, though, that he started squealing and biting. So the whole experience ended in a time out and a big old "OWIE" from me.

We had a nice weekend, by the way. We went up north to my parents' house in Minocqua to avoid the heat. Saturday night, we went swimming at a local beach I know of that a lot of other people don't know about, so we were one of three families. Ben got dunked several times. He loved playing in my parents' yard as well.

The work week has been dragging for me. I'm just not feeling "right" emotionally; it's probably just hormones. So yesterday morning I made the decision to take the afternoon off to nap. And I did. And it felt good. But now I have to get back into the whole swing of "work." And knowing that I only have a couple of months left... well. It just feels weird and rather frustrating.

We finally were able to hire someone into the other position in our area... but it wasn't the guy who was a shoo-in to replace me. I'm thrilled that someone will be in the position to take a load off of my boss, since she's been doing 80% of the extra work, but I still wish we had gotten our first choice. He wanted a starting rate of more than what I make, and that's against company policy since I'm above him, so we had to go with our second choice. She's great for the department as a whole, but she doesn't have any background in proofreading.

What makes a good proofreader? An insanely devoted attention to detail and a disgustingly thorough proofing method. I didn't make a lot of friends as a proofreader, since I basically point out everything they do wrong, but at least I made a difference for the company for every "catch" I made.