Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pity Post

A short post today because I feel guilty for neglecting my blog and it's better than nothing.

Nothing very exciting has happened... unless you count our trip to the library last night after an absence of almost eight months. It resulted in me borrowing audio books to listen to at work while I proof. Conveniently, proofing uses a different part of my brain than needed to follow along a narrative. It also resulted in a rather long chase of Benjamin as he delighted in how quickly he could lose Mommy and Daddy in the maze of books.

Ben's black eye was bit hard by a precious little girl at daycare on Saturday. It makes him look horrible, but he doesn't seem to mind.

There's lots of details to think about when it comes to quitting your job with no intention of finding alternative employment. Like what to do with my 401K. My CPA brother has solved that for me, but it was kind of exciting to have problems like that for a few minutes.

In other news, I'm on intermittent family medical leave now which basically means that I can leave work and go home at any time I need to lay down from the tortuous effects of carrying this precious baby inside of me. Sure, it's unpaid, but at least I won't lose my job on those terms. We can consider it partial bed rest.

Ah well. That's life.