Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Routine So Far

It's been a few weeks now since I left the ranks of the employed. Just this afternoon, Chris and I realized how much more in tune I am with Ben. I was having about eight contractions an hour this morning, so I'm resting this afternoon, and Chris is on Ben duty. I solved a few mysteries for Chris.

1. Ben wanted to get into the pots and pans cabinet not because he wanted the pots and pans, but because that's where we keep our extra bottles of apple juice. 2. Ben stood at the arch to the dining room and whined and pointed into the room. I waited to see what Chris would do. They both became very frustrated until I explained that Ben wanted Daddy to rough-house on the twin bed that's currently set up in there for the duration. 3. Ben started fussing and screaming when Chris was walking towards the bathroom with some dirty laundry. Almost had a tantrum. I chastised Chris for not remembering that putting laundry down the chute is Ben's job, and he gets very upset when someone stomps on his territory like that. Chris handed him the dirty socks, and Ben ran to the laundry chute and gleefully shoved the items down the hole.

Ahhh. Yep. You heard it folks. I'm super Mommy. The toddler whisperer.

I had a few rough moments last week. Okay. That's a bit of an understatement. I won't elaborate too much, but the outcome was that Chris had to skip a party after work, almost had to take some time off to stay home the next day, and I doubled my Zoloft dose. I've had depression and anxiety since I was a teenager, so I know the warning signs now. We came close to a crisis, but it was avoided. And I'm feeling much better and more stable on the higher dose of happy pills.

Ben certainly isn't to fault for any of that crap. He's a delight. He's definitely getting more adjusted to our new lifestyle, even though he has his moments of panic and inexplicable sadness when he wakes up from naps. I don't mind giving him the extra cuddles. How could I? With a poodle boy like this?

"Breakfast. Yummy."

"Look what I can fit into!"

"This window tastes so good."

"I have a big goose egg on my forehead, but I'm not mad at the world anymore."